Adidas Solar Boost ST 19 Review

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As the name implies, the Solar Boost ST is Adidas’ stability choice for the Solar Boost shoe. It incorporates a rail system and dual density boost foam to help prevent overpronation without requiring excessive weight.

The Solar Glide ST is one of two comfort shoes in Adidas’ solar series. The Solar Boost ST is the more substantial of the two, providing the most support.

There is a substantial amount of footwear. When I first opened them, they looked cumbersome and heavy in my hands. I had previously tested the Solar Glide ST, so the bizarre split heel counter was not as surprising this time.

I adored the grey and white tones. I wear these to work before going on my first workout. Although they were very bulky in my hands, they were extremely comfortable.

I had mixed emotions about my first run. They rolled up and down my heel and looked clunky. Fortunately, this gradually subsided.

My favorite runs were those in the double digits. The shoe shone brightly with these. Running at a comfortable pace for 10-15 miles felt completely natural.

I attempted a few tempo runs in these, but the shoe is clearly not designed for them. I was able to travel more quickly than I expected, but save your legs for faster shoes.

While the price is high, so is the market. That being said, 160 dollars is 160 dollars regardless of how you look at it. I would claim that the shoe’s longevity justified its price tag.

Overall, I really liked this shoe, considering the fact that it was soaked for days and smelled like heaven. I really did not anticipate being as taken by the shoe as I was.

If you’re looking for a shoe that can outlast the sun and don’t mind covering it with febreeze every couple of days, this is the shoe for you.

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